We use stable and flexible production procedures in carrying out our projects. We are constantly improving the efficiency of internal processes and technologies with an emphasis on reducing production costs. We strive to maximize the use of input material. We are constantly expanding our range of product capabilities and technologies in order to fully meet the needs of our customers.
We work according to this model:

Input specifications + project plan

Realizace výroby obalu - fáze 1This is the phase where we receive the customer’s basic requirements for developing the container:
1. Basic dimensions of the container
2. What standard to use to produce the basic design of the container /VW-MERCEDES standard, etc./
3. Planned method of handling parts during the logistics cycle.
4. Preparation of the project plan for the container /from
the development phase to shipping
the containers/
   Realization within 1 week

3D study

Realizace výroby obalu - fáze 2The development department uses the input specifications to prepare a design of the container, which is then sent to the customer for approval /in 3D PDF format-DWFX/:
1. Design of the container
2. Placing and securing the part in the container
All additional requirements are incorporated into the model based on the customer’s 3D validation. Production
of the prototype then follows.
   Realization within 1 week

Preparing drawings + prototype production

Realizace výroby obalu - fáze 3In the third phase, the design department prepares the material for producing the actual prototype:
1. Preparing complete drawing documentation
2. Preparing a model of the pallet for producing parts on the CNC machines /laser/
   Realization 1-2 weeks

Phase 4
Presentation of the prototype

Realizace výroby obalu - fáze 4The presentation of the “buy-off” prototype with physical parts occurs in this phase. The presentation is done either at SMR PLUS or the customer’s plant. Afterwards the customer carries out additional internal tests /transport, economic/.
The prototype is modified as needed based on additional customer requirements. In this case, phases 2 – 4 are repeated.
   Realization 1-2 weeks