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certifikát ISOcertifikat ISO 14001

certifikát typuprotokol o zkoušce

The MT method is the one most widely used for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of material. It is mainly used in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in the energy and transport sectors. Its relative simplicity and ease of application makes it one of the most important methods for servicing operating equipment. MT detects surface and subsurface defects such as cracks, fissures, pores, inclusions, etc., in ferromagnetic materials. MT cannot be used for materials other than ferromagnetic.

Company policy

Our commitment to quality assurance and protecting the environment in the design, development and realization of our products.

  • The basic principle of Company Policy is to fulfill the wishes and requirements of our customers, with emphasis on the quality of our products, their technical, aesthetic and useful value, and on the reliability and flexibility of our deliveries. We strive for maximum customer satisfaction anytime, anyplace!
  • By introducing new progressive technologies and expanding our product range with maximum attention to customer needs, we hope to strengthen our current position in the market.
  • We use our many years of design and manufacturing experience, of providing comprehensive services to ensure customer needs, of knowing where customer satisfaction lies, and taking care of the customer and flexibly solving issues to retain our existing customers and acquire new ones.
  • By developing the qualifications, knowledge and skills of our employees with emphasis on the training of new experts and applying procedures in the management of all our activities and processes, we seek to continuously improve our quality management system.
  • The realization of our activities has allowed us to identify areas that burden the environment and to properly manage them, including optimal operation, regular maintenance, investment, and the use of new technology, machinery and equipment, as well as increasing worker awareness, and all this helps us strive to reduce environmental pollution.
  • We operate our machinery, equipment, and entire infrastructure so that it always minimizes the threat of environmental pollution. We manage this mainly through the innovation of our technical base, applying adequate measures to improve technological discipline, increasing the expertise of our employees as the cornerstone of pollution protection, and through our proactive approach to saving the environment.
  • In realizing our products, we respect the legitimate interests of our customers, partners, applicable laws, standards, norms and other identified stakeholder requirements related to managing our company as an obligation of our corporate culture.


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Ing. Libor Vaněk
Company executive


Quality Policy SMR PLUS, s.r.o (Document for download  - 1,1MB)